Meet MJ Greyed A Gold........"Gini"

Age 2

Gini is a a super sweet, full of energy girl with a gloriously goofy personality!...she LOVES to play and gives wonderful kisses! Gini is very special to us as all of her winnings from her races went to support Greyed A, we want to find her a very special home! Stay tuned for small animal test results!


Meet Palm City Calico........."Calico"

Age  4 (July 2016)

This beautiful brindle girl is sweet, and loving, and all she really wants is to be right by your side at all times!. Calico awaiting her small dog/cat testing 


Meet Palm City Rosey......"Rosey"

Age: 1.5

Rosey is an energetic, sweet,  smiling girl....she loves all people and does very well  with other dogs....stay tuned for cat testing.... :)


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